About Us


Zee Group of Companies Limited “The Company” is a private limited liability company dully incorporated under the provisions of the companies Act Cap 85 of the laws of Uganda. It was incorporated on the 26th of March 2010.

Zee Group of Companies Limited was formed after the merging of several other companies which includes as follows:

  1. Zee Pharmaceuticals Limited. - Kampala (Head Office)
  2. Malix Pharma (U) Limited.(Iganga)
  3. Zee Investments Limited. - Ntare Rd, Mbarara
  4. Zee Investments Limited. - Mbaguta Street, Mbarara
  5. Zee Pharmaceuticals Limited. - Kampala (William Street Branch)
  6. Zee Pharmaceuticals Limited. – SP Plaza, Kampala (William St. )
  7. Zarin Pharmaceuticals Limited. (Fort Portal)
  8. Zee Investments Limited. - Kabale
  9. Zee Pharmaceuticals Limited. – Mbale
  10. Zee Pharmaceuticals Limited. – Lira
  11. Legit Medeq 2007 Limited. – Byogerere, Kampala
  12. Legit Medeq 2007 Limited. – Kawempe, Kampala

Our group is rapidly growing its branches to reach the farthest parts of Ugandan and East African region at large to be served. We are authorized distributors of:

  1. Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries (KPI) under the umbrella of the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF).
  2. Rene Industries Limited.

We are importing our quality products from some of world’s renowned pharmaceutical companies:

  1. Leben Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. – India
  2. Madras Pharma – India
  3. Bekra Pharma – India
  4. Sethi International - Pakistan
  5. National Health Care – Nepal
  6. Guangdong Medical Aparatus Co. - China
  7. Karemax Industrial Limited – China
  8. Trident Mediquip – India

Our group started as Zee Investments Limited in 1995 which was located on plot 23, Ntare Road, Mbarara District, with a goal of supplying medicines to all the western regions of Uganda. Our aim was and is always to reach the rural people and provide quality medicines at pocket friendly prices.

Due to the continued need for expansion of business, in 2000, the company diversified its operations and opened up a branch in Texas, USA dealing in gas and cell phone outlets.

In order to improve on the efficiency of the services rendered, in 2002 Zee Investments Ltd., opened another branch in Kabale which was strategically positioned to serve the boarders of Rwanda, Burundi and Congo.

In 2004, the company cited a virgin market segment in the capital city and opened another branch called Zee pharmaceuticals Ltd., located on plot 42/44 Kampala Road, Opposite City Square.

In 2005, the group opened Zarin Pharmaceuticals Limited in Fort Portal (Western Uganda) in order to extend its services closer to its customers.

Having established in the capital city, Zee management understood a need for another branch in Kampala to offer more and better support to customers, in 2006 management decided to open another branch called Allyz Pharma (U) Limited, at William Street, Kampala.

During an extra ordinary general meeting held in 2007, it was resolved that the company also extends its operations to the Eastern part of the country. Malix pharma (u) limited was therefore opened in Iganga district to serve the whole of the Eastern region In 2009, the company opened another branch in Kampala called Jazz medix (u) limited in order to maximize its returns

The amalgamation of the different companies gave the group a strong brand name which is marketing throughout the country and the whole of the East African region

Zee group of companies is fully licensed by the city authority (KCC) to carry on business in pharmaceuticals in all the respective jurisdictions. The directors of Zee group are Mr. Malik Bharwani and Mr. Amiral Bharwani who are also the administrators of the business

For the last fifteen years, Zee group has built such an astounding reputation to become one of Uganda’s leading pharmaceutical because of the way services are rendered and the quality associated with their products.


  The company’s mission is to provide quality medicine amidst a professional conduct in all jurisdictions.


  The company’s vision is to extend its services all over the globe to individuals in both urban and remote areas at reasonable and affordable prices.


  The company focuses on achieving the following goals among others.

  1. To contribute to the economic growth of the country through reduction of unemployment. by providing independent employment opportunities with substantial benefits to all Ugandans of different professions.
  2. To provide high quality medicine which will foster the eradication of human diseases thus increased human life span
  3. To protect share holders investments and ensure capital appreciation of all investments carried out by the group in order to maximize shareholders wealth and adherence to other stake holders interests


  1. To carry on business of manufacturing, importation, selling of pharmaceuticals and surgical
  2. To carry on business of agents of medicine preparation and generally to carry on business of manufacturers , buyers , sells, and dealers in all kinds of human and veterinary medicine and drugs of whatsoever description as well as run a dispensary
  3. To carry on business of the business of chemist and druggists both by wholesale and retail, importers, exporters and manufacturer of and dealers in dispensary services, pharmaceuticals and other preparation of articles, compounds, drugs, dressings, and hospital equipment, makers and distributors of pate tented photographical surgical and scientific and laboratory apparatus and materials and all other related goods of whatsoever description
  4. To buy, sell, distribute manufacture , refine , manipulate, export, import and deal in all substances, apparatus and things capable of being used in any such persons dealing with the company either whole sale or retail
  5. To act as importers , agents or representatives in respect of drugs ,chemicals , pharmaceutical and to manufacture sheeting ,tubing, hygienic wrappings and covers of food staffs and other wrapping for garments blankets and other plastic materials ,all for medical veterinary and sanitary purposes and other goods and articles of all description
  6. To carry on business as manufactures, exporters, importers and dealers in soap, detergents ,perfumery lotions , toilets sprays and all varieties of soap ,dental medicines ,shaving creams , shampoos, lotions , perfumes, beauty reparations ,drugs , pharmaceutical products ,medicines and chemicals